Sunday, May 14, 2017

Treatments For Major Depressive Disorder Don't Have To Be Hard

Treatments for major depressive disorder people have known.
Major depressive disorder or people also recognize it as unipolar disorder is one type of mental health illness. This disease is different from depressive conditions in bipolar. In major depression or this major depressive disorder, sufferers experience continuous sadness or lack of interest in external stimuli. While in bipolar, the patients experienced oscillations between mania and depressive conditions continuously. This short essay will describe about treatments for major depressive disorder, so we will know more.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, there are twenty to twenty-six percent of the population suffering from this unipolar disorder. They were the women. For men, the figure is eight to twelve percent. People estimated this difference because women have different hormonal cycles with men. However, in fact, men and women have the same risk to this disorder.

Treatments For Major Depressive Disorder

In general, we can say that the treatments for major depressive disorder do not have to be hard. The reason is because the medical circles already know much more about this major depression. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the nearest medical service if you feel the signs and symptoms of major depressive disorder. But you have to keep one thing in your mind. Do not rush to assess yourself suffering from this disease. This also applies to other types of mental health illness. Only trained psychiatrists and clinical psychologists are allowed to diagnose. And usually, they need a long observation time.

Combination Therapy

Experience has shown that the best treatments for people with major depression are combination therapy. The point is a combination of medicines with talk therapy. People often mention psychotherapy as talk therapy. This is because therapists and patients engage in conversation or 'talk'. Usually the patient will gradually recover after two to six weeks of treatment. Psychotherapists report that CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy also proves to be very effective for major depression sufferers as well.

If we compare it with treatments for other types of mental health illness, there are similar patterns for therapy, with medicines and psychotherapy. Support groups will obviously help recovery. But there are also important differences, the therapists uses electro-convulsive therapy for ordinary depression. In this major depressive disorder, therapists avoid as far as possible the use of ECT or electro-convulsive therapy.

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