Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stress Management and That Importance to Our Success

stress management is very important to our success
Everyone must have been under pressure. Are you an employee?. Or are you a college student? Working pressure in the office may be so stick that you want to get out of work. Or the heavy burden of studying at the university seemed to kill the soul. Indeed, you are still lucky enough not to have mental disorders. Precisely stress management is very important for the success of your life. Stress management is the art of self-management.

A Thankful Life

As a normal categorized person, you should face life with gratitude to God. Compare your normal self with those who suffer from mental health illness. Of course it will be very different how normal and healthy people are in dealing with problems with our diseased. If you are stressed, you can make it a trigger for a better performance.

Eustress and Distress

We know the stress that triggers an increase in achievement with the term eustress. If you are motivated to achieve better productivity, then we can say that the stress you are experiencing is eustress. The more trained you are to direct your stress into an eustress, the more you will having it again. Hmm, it's fun isn't it?. Obviously, this requires good and measurable stress management.

Conversely, the stress that makes a person worse is referred to distress. Poor stress management will make the symptoms worse. The end, the sufferer will be less achievable and protracted in sadness. In this condition, you should try to find entertainment. Hang out with friends or just try a new restaurant.

If that ways is not helpful enough, you may need to talk to a counselor. You may need psychotherapy. But you are still lucky. Patients with severe mental health disorder require more serious treatment. We have to have medicines to relieve the symptoms we are experiencing. Unfortunately, that's not indeed cure the disease, just only relieve the symptoms so we could live normally.

Stress Management, Biochemistry

Biochemically, there are three stress-causing hormones. The first is adrenaline, the second is noradrenaline, and the latter is cortisol. The latter is accused of being the main cause of stress. The buildup of cortisol hormones excessively causes stress to be difficult to control. It means that the first stress management is by controlling the production of cortisol hormone. The best way to control is to reduce the cause of this hormone production. Please reduce consumption of nicotine and caffeine. You can read more about this here in an article

Falsely, often people assume that coffee and cigarettes make people break away from stress. Of course, this is a false thought. Furthermore, it creates an endless cycle of demons. The more people feel depressed, the more he or she consumes cigarettes and caffeine. This will actually increase the cortisol hormone that causes stress uncontrolled.

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