Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Self-Acceptance As The Main Turning-Point Of Mental Health Illness Patients Recovery

self-acceptance is very important as a turning point to mental health illness patients to be recovered.
In the past, I had suffered greatly as a bipolar sufferer. Of course, this is a psychological problem. Because of this feeling, my progress in recovery was hampered. I have repeatedly complained to psychiatrists about what I have experienced in the past. Obviously, all of it was a past that was not useful to remember. Every living person must have bad memories of his past. Not everything is fun. Not only the actual past, even in the present I sometimes experience unpleasant experiences as a bipolar sufferer. You could read one of them on the link I have been given.

The wrong parenting, especially my father was the main cause of my suffering. I do not understand how a teacher could have made a fatal mistake while parenting his own child. Is not he already equipped with the education's science?. Included among them is children's education and parenting?. However, perhaps in the next post I would say about it as well. I have written how I experienced that domestic violence to be a novel. You can read it here.

Self-Acceptance as Turning-Point to Recover

When I complained to the psychiatrist about my unpleasant past, with short and cold, he replied that I should accept it. Accepted that I was treated ruthlessly by my father from childhood to adolescent indeed. Initially, it was very uncomfortable to receive this advice as well. But strangely enough, by thinking of this advice, I can gradually practiced it.
Miraculously, when I started accepting that annoying condition, much progress was made. I started accepting myself and smiling with other people's mistakes against me. I became more tolerant with others. Not imposed my own will. In other words, I became more adapted. Please read this post about the improvements I experienced due to this self-acceptance.

It's Indeed Uneasy

True, it is not easy to start self-acceptance. But the benefits for people with mental health disorders like us are very huge. Furthermore, we can have a much better insight. It's also important for people like us as well. The question is, is only self-acceptance enough for recovery?. The answer is of course not enough. We still need to undergo a series of therapies. This post tells about the therapy that we should do as people with severe mental health illness.

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