Sunday, May 7, 2017

Being Friendly with Mental Health Illness is Not Easy

mental health disorder
Being friendly with mental health illness is indeed not easy. If can choose, of course people will choose to be healthy. Free from the illness. If forced to suffer from the illness and the choices are between the two, whether suffering physical illness or mental illness?. Of course people will choose to suffer physical illness as well. So it is with me personally. If I may choose, I will choose not to suffer from bipolar disorder, one form of mental health illness.

Sufferer's Denial

At first I did deny suffering a disease that to some people considered as disgusting. However, relapses repeatedly make me helpless. Well, indeed I am suffering from bipolar, one kind of severe mental health illness. This self-acceptance, then improved my condition and I gradually recovered. Indeed, self-acceptance is the first step towards recovery as well. You can read more on this post. Thank God that for almost three years I have not experienced a recurrence. Hopefully for so on.

Among the denials was the wonder and inexhaustible complaining, why exactly I am suffering from this disgusting disease?. Are there not many other people out there?. Why did I experience it?. How unfair God was. God has made my life as a laughter. I am grateful that it does not go on all the time. Finally, I can be friendly with this disease and control the symptoms using drugs. Even life with bipolar remains problematic as well.

Attending Treatments to Psychiatrist Compliantly

The most important thing for the sufferer is probably to have the treatments obediently. Have medication in accordance to the dose given by the psychiatrist regularly. This is the first path to recover. After that, we might seek additional treatment with psycho or sociotherapy. It is also important to correct both counterproductive and inaccurate ways of thinking and socializing. The inappropriate way of socializing will aggravate our condition as a sufferer. Perhaps this post is useful to get a more comprehensive illustration.

Fulfilling The Time Positively

Is very important when we perform a useful activity as well. Activities that will positively help rehabilitation. We will not feel like useless creatures in front of other people. Perhaps not too look forward to getting income from that activity. Especially when early treatment. If you have already started to be recovered, it has made sense to find and get a job that suits your interests. I myself do blogging to fulfill the time. When AdSense has approved my apply, then I will seek my AdSense account in order to make money. Currently I've yet to get a payment, but I will keep trying.

Coping Mechanism

Which is also very helpful is to find coping mechanisms on every issue we face. Coping mechanism is a way for us to survive so that we have no recurrence. I have made an interesting writing about coping mechanism I did to overcome pessimistic. This pessimistic sense usually faced by sufferers of mental health illness when he or she starts to recover. Not only by bipolar sufferers. Coping mechanism can be developed in accordance with the problems we face. If you feel difficulty to choose coping mechanism appropriate, it is helpful to discuss with support groups or counselors. These counselors can be psychiatrists commonly deal with you or just with psychologists who are sympathetic. Hopefully this post is useful.

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