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RM Sosrokartono Healing Ability


Perhaps, even in Indonesia, people nowadays haven’t known about RM Sosrokartono.  People have known more about his younger sister RA Kartini which become national heroines for the people of Indonesia. If RA Kartini is well known because of her letter especially to Mrs. Abendanon on Nederland, then RM Sosrokartono had been known by Javanese spiritualism and its monitor.

On formal education, RM Sosrokartono were luckier than his younger sister, RA Kartini. RM Sosrokartono continued his study on Holland which conquered Java at that time, whereas Kartini couldn’t continue her education to higher level because tradition forbid her at that that time. It is a fortune for Indonesian female nowadays as they could attend higher education which is equal with male.

Purpotedly Sosrokarono was a very good looking person. By his female acquaintances in Nederland he had given a nickname ‘de mooi Sos’ which means ‘the handsome Sos’. In Java, RM Sosrokartono is more known as ‘Raden Klungsu’ or ‘Joko Pring’. Klungsu is Javanese word of tamarind seed, and Pring is bamboo. They say, RM Sosrokartono used to bring a stem of yellow bamboo as a stick. His teaching especially were about modestly in all way of life and also about humbleness.

Actually, it is interesting to discuss RM Sosrokartono’s teaching, but I don’t discuss his teaching here. I’m going to tell some unique experiences between my grandfather with RM Sosrokartono.  My grandfather, which I called Eyang Kakung Mohammad had known and had a personal relationship with RM Sosrokartono.

RM Sosrokartono was very well known of his ability in healing diseases in supranatural way. At that time, Eyang Kakung Mohammad was still a student on Bandung. He had an uncle which got very sick in Madura. Eyang Kakung was trying to contact RM Sosrokartono to heal his uncle in supranatural way. Shortly, he could contact RM Sosrokarono. By this prominent figure, Eyang Kakung was given his namecard which had written by Alef letter. The first letter of Arabic alphabet.

Then RM Sosrokartono’s namecard was poured into a glass of water by Eyang Kakung’s family. That water then had drunk by Eyang Kakung’s uncle which was suffering. The next story then turned to miracle, his disease was disappeared. He’s gotten well.

After a long time, Eyang Kakung’s uncle’s disease flared up again. RM Sosrokartono’s namecard had been being looked for and apparently disappeared. As it had been looked for and never been found, Eyang Kakung had been asked by his family to contact RM Sosrokartono again to have a new namecard.

Eyang Kakung had been trying to meet RM Sosrokartono, but he managed to facehindrances. It’s ever that Eyang Kakung tried to meet RM Sosrokartono at his residence, but RM Sosrokartono was gone to another city by chance. It had happened that RM Sosrokartono was at his house but by chance Eyang Kakung had had another affair so he couldn’t meet RM Sosrokartono. It had happened continually till Eyang Kakung’s uncle had died. In Islamic belief, it is indeed that death is one of God’s affairs. None couldn’t hinder if God has intended to pull one’s life out.

There were another interesting experience between my grandfather with RM Sosrokartono. As a healer, RM Sosrokartono had healed a very wealth person. The healed person then gave RM Sosrokarono a stem of gold stick. Then, our figure, as a very modestly person had no desire to have the present. So, he decided to draw the people whom attending his house. The winner would have RM Sosrokartono gold stick. All the people who attended his house could attending the draw, but RM Sosrokartono hadn’t allowed my grandfather to attend the draw. I think that’s interesting. If my grandfather was allowed to attend the draw and won the gold stick, perhaps as his grandson I never had difficulties to finish my study because of its cost….hahaha…


photograph byIwan J Prasetyo

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