Monday, March 6, 2017

Raden Panji (Part Four)

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The funny thing was, I realize what had been happened when it become too late. The PO which gave to me after he had given the same PO was different at the quantity and items on it, although they had the same PO number. These PO had been printed and given to me twice or three times when Mr. KH went out to the office to do some business. These PO looked like identical each other but they really weren’t same indeed. It would be obvious why I never finished preparing the stuff. I intended to tell this fact to Mr. KH, but I had been exhausted and become sick. I return to my hometown to get medical help and get rest. Telling the truth to Mr. KH would look like to play him against the director.

Above all, me and Mr. KH were good friends. We were classmates when we both went to the university and I want our relationship could be everlasting. I intend to call him and talking about some little things like an old friend. But currently it’s really not the right time to do that.

Now, all I want to do is go to Bangkalan and visit my big family there. Watching the room where my grandfather was born, visiting the house where he was growing up till went across Madura Island to continue his education at Malang, my hometown now. He graduated from AMS Malang at Dutch colonization era. Nowadays this Algemeene Middlebare School becomes to be SMA Negeri 1 Malang. Then he went to Batavia to be a student of STOVIA which now becomes Medical Faculty University of Indonesia. He just only attended STOVIA for a year before he moved to Technische Hogeschool at Bandung which now becomes ITB. He didn’t continue his study as Japanese came to colonize Indonesia at that time. My grandfather became a teacher and retired as a headmaster of SMA Negeri 1 Kediri.

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