Thursday, March 16, 2017

Has Indonesian Renewable Energy Development Succeded?


Indonesia actually has been using renewable energy since long time ago. Evidenced by the many hydro-power and steam in the country. Mere mention of which is Suralaya Steam Power Plant, Paiton Power Plant, Ir Sutami Hydropower and much more. An intriguing question is, to what extent the development of renewable energy progress in this country?.

Suralaya vapor plant is the largest power plant in ASEAN. It has an installed capacity of 3400 MW. The power plant is located in Banten Province. In East Java, a province with a large population, there is Paiton vapor power plant. This power plant has an installed capacity of 800 MW. It serves the electricity demand in East Java, including Madura Island.

A sign that Indonesia has done the utilization of renewable energy is establishing Ir. Sutami Hydropower in Karangkates, a sub-district that lies between the district of Blitar and Malang border. Ir. Sutami Hydropower is the old power plant. Government using its energy since the nineteen sixties.

Indonesian Renewable Energy Progress

One of the development problem in Indonesia is equitable development. During this development is concentrated on the Java Island. Likewise, the development in the field of energy. The government has built a lot of the power plant on Java. Including examples of power plants as I said above. The government is currently trying to tackle the energy gap between Java and other islands.

According to a source, our electrification rate is still 87 percent. There are more than 2600 villages still do not have electricity in Indonesia. Most of them still do not enjoy electricity at all. Most of these problems are in the eastern part of Indonesia. There are six provinces that delayed the construction of electricity. Namely West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku. Surely this should begin to think together. Do not let our brothers and sisters in the eastern hemisphere can not enjoy the facilities were accepted by his fellas on western Indonesia.

Government Attention

The government has issued a number of government regulations to regulate and promote the accelerated development of renewable energy. The negative impact of the use of conventional energy is already worrying us all, not just environmentalists. Therefore the government provide a reference for saving oil, gas utilize wisely, optimization of coal for domestic needs and spur the maximum use of renewable energy.

Local and National Politics Bustles

Unfortunately, five to seven recent years, the spirit of it as if lost in the bustles of the local and national politics. Government wants that renewable energy utilization reached 35 percent of national energy needs. In fact, currently only carried 6.8 percent. As a people, I want the atmosphere of politics in Indonesia is getting more conducive to developing. Especially to establish a clear use of renewable energy which is environmentally friendly. Let us unite to better use the energy we have to rebuild the country. Not to broken to pieces that spend energy to hostile with our own relatives.


photograph by Iwan J Prasetyo

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