Monday, January 2, 2017

Talun Traditional Market's "Rujak Cingur"

アクリルシート 5mm×1000mm×2000mm ネイビーブルー315

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This was the most delicious Rujak Cingur I’ve ever tasted YBC-A10P DT-387J . Rujak Cingur is a sort of salad with seasoning paste. This dish is typical because in addition of the paste, it presented with cingur as well. Cingur is cattle’s lip treated in a certain way. Surprisingly, I found the most tastiest East Java dishes in the Talun Traditional Market, one sub-district on Blitar. Not in Malang or Surabaya, nor on Bangkalan.

Problem in Cingur Processing

The problem for most of the rujak cingur’s tradesmen or tradeswomen is processing cattle’s lip into cingur. Most sellers don’t know the art of cingur processing. Therefore, cingur on their rujak tend to tough indeed and hard to chew. Like eating rubber flip-flops as well.

Correctly Cingur Processing

In this place however, that condition haven’t had happened. The Rujak Cingur’s tradeswomen here know how to process it correctly. Namely the cow lips soak beforehand in grated pineapple mixed by fresh water as well. You should estimate how long the time it’s been soaken yourself. Do not let cingur be overcook.

In the past, the tradeswoman here thought me as one of her old friends on Talun’s Elementary School which never met for a very long time. Of course, false it was a false allegation because I completed my elementary education in Malang, a larger city and just sixty seven kilometers from Blitar.

It was natural if I presumed so. My face was distinctive Blitar guys facial. What we looked like ?. Yaaaahh, … just so, … something like Ir. Sukarno good looking face, Indonesian first proclaimer. Ahahahaha …..

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