Friday, January 20, 2017

Raden Panji (Part Two)


As child, of course I had very deep untold impressions about this family. It was a paradox contradiction which very difficult to understand by my childish minds. They were a noble family, weren’t they? They were an aristocratic family, weren’t they? But I was just wondering, why did they earn money to life with hanging papers and magazines at the porch of their boarding house? Something that wasn’t nice to be seen and provoking jerk in pejorative ways. It’s not provoked sympathy of that family but jerk indeed.

Therefore, it could be understood why I write this blog with a huge ambiguity feeling, couldn’t it? Have a trace of a noble ancestry and had been strengthened it with certain title have no certain privileges nowadays, although it’s merely for getting girlfriends easily.

That day was the day I entered the third month I’d been working at an Aussie company on Jakarta. The date would be 5 or 14 July 2011. It was not usual than before, I want to do sunnah fasting, sunnah means that the religious services would be optional, but meritorious if performed. It was coincidentally Monday. I had woken up before dawn, and I didn’t know the reason why I want to wear Batik shirt. It was not usual since three of us at the office only wore Batik on Friday, me, Mr. KH and the secretary. The Director, the office boy and the security never wore Batik, even on Friday. We were six altogether on the office, or seven if a representative from Australia had come.

After had taken a bath, I really want to wear Tanjungbumi Batik, that shirt used to be my father’s before he died. It was a present from his colleague. Before have proliferated as we’ve seen currently, Madura was divided into West Madura and East Madura. East Madura consisted of Sumenep and Pamekasan, wherever West Madura consisted of Sampang and Bangkalan. Tanjungbumi, one of Madura’s Batik center, was a region of Bangkalan district. Another Madura’s Batik center was Pamekasan. Therefore, about Batiks, West and East Madura have their own representatives.

After had a dawn praying, I had a phone call from my uncle on Bangkalan. Uncle Hamid is my mother’s cousin. He is a Madurese. If only Madura Kingdom hadn’t been dispersed after independence of Indonesia at 1945, he would be a Lord of Bangkalan. He’s the descendant of Prince Cakraningrat, the king of Madura, from his father’s tract. My uncle’s mother was my grandfather’s older sister. Therefore, I wasn’t a Prince Cakraningrat descendant.


(pict by Iwan J Prasetyo)

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