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We do not live in a vacuum, we live and grow with the people who are with us in our daily lives. Perhaps you are a student, students, office workers or households mother and father of ordinary. In a niche in which we interact, we always meet with others in a wide range of variety. Recently, a friend of mine complained about friend of her which judged megalomania by her. Were that really a megalomania?.

Niche is part of the environment in which we live. In other words, a niche is an our little living environment. Recently, a friend who works as a public servant complained to me about the behavior of her work colleagues. She considered that her work colleagues were already very annoying. Her friends seems to be like to pride himself and thinks that he is the greatest in the world.

Last week he was proud of success offered house which worth about two billion rupiahs. Just now he boasts about his canary breeding success. As if that was not him, then it is unlikely to be implemented.

Which made my friend is annoyed when my friend turn told him about the the small successes that mhappened by her, it was as if her friend did not want to listen. For him, my friend success was just something trivial and does not need to be appreciated.

Reciprocal Interactions

In our lives with others, of course we know the iron law of association. Ie, people want to be treated the way we were treated. It is something that is necessary in our lives. We certainly do not like when others treat us with improperly. Thus the relationship between humans. Human relationships are always reciprocal interaction. If we do something unpleasant to others, then others will do the same to us.

Lack of Maturity

Perhaps it would be in a hurry if we say that my friend's colleague had experienced a syndrome called megalomania. Megalomania is a delusion that someone is important and a powerful person. To ensure that a person suffering from megalomania syndrome would require the observation of a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist.

It would be more accurate if we plainly say that my friend's colleague actually has less mature personality. As a child he always begged for attention. And to get this attentions, he boasts to others about achievements which maybe are not done. He still be a self-centered person.

Being Assertive

To overcome the problem of my friend, I encouraged her to be frank. That is told her colleague that she did not like the his behavior. No need to feel bad to be honest. It's for our own mental health. In practical psychology this terminology is referred to being assertive. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive or attacking others. Tell him things that make us do not like without attacking his personality. Thus means that we also help our friends to know that there are something of his attitude are less fun for anyone else.


(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)


  1. I guess finding useful, reliable inftrmaoion on the internet isn't hopeless after all.


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