Friday, December 9, 2016

Logotheraphy As Life Philosophy (I)


When I was a student at the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, I became interested in Psychology. It seems to me at my past, while I was still a student at the Faculty of Engineering, to attend some course at the Faculty of Psychology. I opened the curriculum in Study Program of Psychology and found that in the first year, the students there got a General Philosophy courses. Seemed to me that Psychology students of the were necessary to obtain some idea about general philosophical theory, especially human philosophy.

Philosophy as a theory, or the theory of philosophy, indeed have various forms of classification. Which is a trend nowadays in the Western world is Eastern philosophy. Westerners seems feel bored and dissatisfied with materialistic life, they thirsty with spiritualistic life, a life filled with meaning, so they flocked to move their ideas to the East.

Most often as a reference of course is Buddhism, both in Nepal and India. India is a place where the roots of Buddhism originated. Contemporary figures who are interested and conduct in-depth study of Buddhism in Nepal is Danah Zohar, a physicist and philosopher who graduated of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who now lives in Oxford, England.

In addition they are also much interested in Taoism in China. Just to mention one of them is Fritjof Capra, who wrote a book called The Tao of Phisics. Rarely or even may not have ever heard them interested in the occult Kejawen which existing in our Javanese Tradition. I do not know why.

My actual interest is centered on logotherapy, a relatively new science, because it have been becoming known after the Second World War. This science is then developed into a stream in Psychological Science, especially Growth Psychology, and also became a philosophical theory. Philosophical theory which is meant here is not a theory of social philosophy such as Marxism, but rather a theory of human philosophy or humanistics philosophy.

If the theory of social philosophy as Marxism talked about social class, social class conflict, economics at werhanschauung level, and how to seize power from the bourgeoisie, the theory of human philosophy, or humanistics philosophy is more likely to talk about human beings and humanity itself in general. Human philosophy explained part or branch of philosophical theory that explores what it means to be fully human. It tried to express as best as possible, whether in fact be called human beings.

Included in the scope of human philosophy as a philosophical theory is an attempt to answer the great questions of human existentialism. As the question of whether the nature of the real life? What are the interests of activism for human beings?. Do humans have the freedom in life? What does love ot to be loved mean?. That are some questions to be answered by human philosophy as a philosophical theory.

Human philosophy has often throughout the history of culture developments named as "philosophical psychology" or "rational psychology". Often the two terms above blasted as opposed to "scientific psychology", "experimental psychology" or "empirical psychology". Here the uniqueness of Logotheraphy, it was not only been accepted as a "philosophical psychology" solely, but also had been tested experimentally by the inventor himself. Victor E. Frankl, originator of the first Logotheraphy, who has tested his theories himself for three years in four different Nazi concentration camps. His first book, Man's Search of Meaning, got preface and high praise from Gordon W. Allport, a professor of psychology at Harvard University. For additional information, Gordon W. Allport is often a reference to psychologists in the present, especially on growth psychology.

At the age of thirty-seven years, Viktor E. Frankl begin a three-year odyssey into the world of terrible experiences because of cruelty, starvation, torture and human misery were completely naked. In such a condition, as if death was the only way out.

The trip to hell started in a train that departed from his hometown, Vienna, Austria, towards the northeast. No one among the fifteen hundred passengers who knew where will they go. There were eighty people in carriage carrying Frankl. The carriage was packed so tight they had to sleep on top of luggage and personal belongings of their own that as well.

(to be continued)


photograph by Denies Prihantinah Senopranoto

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