Thursday, December 8, 2016

How To Make Tempeh


Tempeh is authentic Indonesian food. Created by yeast fermentation rhizopus in soybean. Unfortunately, Indonesia's own shortcomings that still import soybeans from the United States. Tempe can be directly processed by frying or making it processed tempeh, such as chips or others. I hope this writing will give you an imagine how to make tempe.

It is said that tempeh has been long known in Indonesia, especially Java, in Serat Centhini made in the sixteenth century already mentioned the word tempeh. Serat Centhini is a classic literature in Indonesia. Tempe has a high protein content. Besides, tempeh also able to be antioxidant that can capture free radicals in the body.

Indeed, tempeh is a healthy food. The author himself like tempeh and various processed. The following are how to make tempeh. The explanation here is not made systematically because the author just wanted to give an overview to the English-speaking readers about how making this healthy food. But if we can make tempeh in this way? The answer is yes. The key lies in the treatment of materials and ambient temperature as a tropical climate.

Making Tempeh Yeast

The material we need to make tempeh is rice 300 gr. Tempeh flour as much as 30 grams and 500 gr of rice that has been roasted . Tempeh flour is tempeh that has been dried in the sun till completely dried and then pulverized to powder form. Do not dry the tempeh powder with frying or oven because it will make the yeast rhizomes die.

Cook 300 grams of rice to be cooked rice and dry. After that, finely crushed this dried rice to powder and mix thoroughly with tempeh flour, strain it through a sieve to powder form. Repeat with grinding material that has not been smooth yet and sift back. Mix well and evenly until evenly distributed. After that mix with rice that have been roasted. Tempeh yeast we've had already completed.

Making Tempeh

First of all we need to do is choose a good quality soy. Clean soybeans until completely clean. Then soak soybeans in water for twelve hours. Immersion is done to facilitate soybeans cooking.

Then cook it until soybeans being well done. You can use the rice cooker for this purpose. Once it be cooked then clean the soybean 's skin using water. It would be very nice if you use running water as well. Clean soy skin so soy completely free of skin. After it, cooled soybeans until completely cool at room temperature.

Once the cooked soybeans have really cooled at room temperature, mix it with tempeh yeast. One kilogram of cooked soybeans takes around two to three tablespoons of tempeh yeast that we have already made previously. After the mixture of cooked soybeans and tempeh yeast have mixtured evenly, then enter this mixture into plastics and wrap it tightly for anaerobic fermentation process.

Soybeans will turn into tempeh after two days of storage. Keep storage temperature approaching the temperature on the tropics. In addition, note the cleanliness when make tempeh. Most failures making tempeh is due to this hygiene problem. I hope you now can imagine how to make tempeh. Good luck.


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