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Heart And Mind Totality With "Flow" Phenomena


"The painter should love paintiting itself above all. Suppose the artists in front of the canvas began to wonder how much the paintings when sold, or what critics comments about the painting, he will not be able to chase the goal actually. Creative achievement depends on the totality of the heart and mind ".

Thus, the conclusions drawn by Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi, a researcher in the field of Science in Psychology from the United States. Given its name, may Csikzentmihalyi is a son of immigrant or immigrant himself from Eastern Europe. Perhaps his ancestors came from the Czech Republic. Or may also come from Slovenia and Slovakia. Csikzentmihalyi often quoted by Daniel Goleman in his book published in ninety years, and is very popular in the decade of the nineties. The book titled Emotional Intelligence, and has been translated into Indonesian by Gramedia Pustakatama, Jakarta.

The 'Flow' Phenomena

The phenomena of "flow" is a collection of specific characteristics experienced by a person at work or doing an activity that they loved much. The phenomenon is very typical and those characteristic ccould be said to be same or nearly the same for all the cases observed by Csikzentmihalyi. Lest of us unconsciously experienced the phenomenon revealed by Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi.

When We Experienced It

Flow conditions experienced by a person when he is doing a task or job with the difficulty level a little above the level than usual difficulties faced. When the attention is so concentrated on what they do, so that he as if to forget and do not pay attention to the surroundings, even themselves. Flow is very important in determining a person's achievement or performance at work. It could be said that the more often a person experiencing the phenomenon of flow when working, meaning the higher the performance. Unfortunately, maybe I'm wrong, Daniel Goleman is not to review this flow phenomenon in his book published later, Emotional Intelligence for Star Performer. Maybe because Goleman has its own reasons, but I think it's very relevant for flow phenomena if exposed there. Perhaps because the script was meant to be a sort of a handy pocket book for the workers, and become a sort of guideline for them to become the star performer, and the study of flow phenomena that are too theoretical rather than practical.

Example of Flow Phenomena

A brain surgeon told about the flow phenomena he ever experienced; Head nurse helped me to wear surgical masks and then we jointly enter the operating room. Patient time was a woman aged sixty years of age. In the operating room has been waiting for a nurse anesthetist and a few others. A nurse then play my favorite music and we then work like the previous days. I was so engrossed by the work as if I've forgotten between space and time. In this world as if there was only me and what I was doing. Finally, the operation completed and considered successful. I snap and looked at the results of my work as a nurse help unlock the mask I wore, I was so surprised because behind me the roof ceiling shattered. It's pieces was littering the floor of the operating room. I was so focused and busy with my job so do not notice it when doing surgery. Apparently the neighbor's cats are in love and finding the right place above the ceiling.

From this story and other similar stories, Csikzentmihalyi absolutely sure that the flow phenomena are really exists and is often found in people's lives everyday. It was very influential in a person's success at work. Similarly, it also affects endurance or durability when working person and face the problem.

Physiologically and simple biochemistry, can be explained that, when a person is working and experiencing flow, then the brain will secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine in the central nervous system of the entire organ. And more importantly is the secreting of catecholamines. Hormone that functions as what is referred to the morphine-like substance that makes the body feel comfortable. For comparison, when we experience distress instead eustress, then our brain hormones cortisol would be secreted in the entire central nervous system of we. In the discussion of stress, eustress and distress are differentiated between. Eustress is stress measurable positive effect on us while distress is the tension that negatively impact on us, even perhaps can also be pathologic.

Things to Remind

In a business or works, in addition to the totality of the heart and mind, we also need to consider compatibility with conscience. Not only Goleman who wrote it, but it also reminded by Stephen R. Covey in his book that it exploded, also in the nineties era, Seven Habits for Highly Effective Person. The advice is repeated also in his book titled First Thing First. Put first things first. We will never succeed if we steal, manipulate or consuming the rights of others. Moreover, corruption.

In the business world, with very straightforward Douglas Lennick ever wrote; Some people have the mistaken impression that your success in business is because you deceive people or pressuring them into buying something they do not need. In the short term it could succeed, but in the long run you will lose. You will be much more successful if you stay in tune with your conscience.

What About Me?

I myself currently own business starting a chicken breeder in my own homeland, Blitar. As a beginner or a new entrance with insufficient capital, I often think and worry about my fodder. Imagine, feed prices are rising and prices are falling down for chickens. It's been a few times this for the sake of my baby chickens sold to cover the cost of feed. Sometimes there are also sadness because were spending quality nutrition for my pet chickens was lowered. What may make, we all, me and my pet chickens must still survive. Whatever happens. I can re-blogging because thank God I was given little money by my grandmother in Kediri. This blog also must survive ... it had been approved by Google AdSense.

So I have found the advice of Douglas Lennick, Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi and it so relevant to me. I must continue to concentrate on the business of cattle inu. The disrupted feelings must be eliminated. Moreover, I also feel very helped and comforted by the act of my chickens. If I sat crouched through the yard to simply observe them, is there anything that is sick or is there something unusual, then they run and swarming around me. It made me feel happy and raise hopes of success. Maybe that's when I experienced flow as it was intended by Csikzentmihalyi.


pict by Evy Sofia


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