Monday, December 5, 2016

Fallin' In Love (III)


We continued to joking along the way to get her home. There are many of my babble that made her laugh with excitements. I was very pleased when Wulan not refuse our both city bus fare. We were dropped off at the Central Post Office in Yogyakarta and crossed the North Square of Kraton heading to the township. When we reached the edge of the square my fad idea reappeared to tease her as well. Suddenly I squat on the roadside and said, "Your house is far away Wulan, .. so, I'm tired".

Wulan walked continuously while holding he laughter not to be burst out, I saw her shoulders had been shaken. I ran after her and said, "Oh, .. you left me so". He stifle a laugh and said, "Oh, .. you are ndodok so". Ndodok is the Java term, which means squat. It was so funny because almost all of Javanese took a dumb with that position. It was an unforgettable short trip for me as well.

Return back to my boarding house Wulan's home in Lebet Beteng I seek Yuni Shara's cassette containing the song "Pelangi". Pelangi is the term in Bahasa which meanfrom s “Rainbow”. The song was originally sung by Chrisye, the well known singer at about seventies, but during my college were sung and popularized by Yuni Shara, one of the female singer I like best. I listened to that song all night long till I could memorize the lyrics. I recall the sound like this way.

Bagaikan langit berpelangi.Terlukis wajah dalam mimpi.

Tertegun kudibuai, dibuai dalam dekapan dan senyuman..

Yang tak kan terlupakan.

Mungkinkah tercipta kembali. Saat yang penuh keindahan.

Sinar rembulan terasa oh hangat menyentuh,

tubuh diantara pelukan.

Kau dengar laguku dalam simfoni.

Tiada lagi melodi, dapat tercipta.

Tanpa senyummu.

Which perhaps could been translated into English in this way;

Like the sky with rainbow. Painted face in a dream.

Stunned lulled, lulled in the arms and smile ..

That no one will be forgotten.

Could it be created again. When the time is full of beauty.

Moonlight feels oh so warm touching,

body between the arms.

Did you hear my song in the symphony.

There is no longer a melody, could been created.

Without your smile.

The song was fit perfectly described my mood at that time indeed . My dream so soar highly onto the sky above. As if I was no longer grounded in the earth as well. I believe, the effect of loving was surely and truly remarkable. For example, can memorize the song overnight only.

There is another thing that I could not forget about Wulan. On one occasion in the Dental Conservation Laboratory, when we were waiting the time when the Laboratory would be opened, Wulan said to me, "Tuty has said to me, that you are the rare human being, you know Fermy?".

"Well, you're medical person, aren't you ..?", I replied, "Why do not you take just little part of my fingernails or hair, then, you could clone it, so the people like me will become a lot and not rare anymore", I joked her with a laugh. Cloning of the gene had been successfully carried out in the world. Clones conducted by scientists from British or New Zealand to a lamb. And the clone resulted sheep named Dolly.

"Of couse", replied Wulan, then resumption, "Dikeloni".

The students of Dentistry who hear the Wulan's answer guffaw. Most of them were the Eves. Dikeloni is the Javanese term to state that you are together sleep on a bed with a tight hug. So innocent I was. I just not braved enough to smile. But of course I delight. Again my dream drift away, .. far above the sky to the high heavens.

When my relatives here in Yogyakarta had known that I had a crush on a Kraton girl, some of them remind me, that people like Wulan had too many rules on her family. It is difficult for us as ordinary people have to adjust. I certainly did not accept the view of my relatives as well. I had already drunk about love.

"What rules?", I said to them, "As if I want to kiss her, I shall do worship to her three times before ?". So I challenged to some of my family members who were Yogyakarta inhabitants by birth. I did not care, I hardly fell in love as well. Indeed, if the rules said so, that I had to worship to her three times if I want to kiss her if we were already married, and so did when such rules like she should kick me out of my ass for three times if she turned to want kiss me back, I would obey tat rules. So just why bother, I thought.

Again my love story this time ran aground. By some reason that I could not tell here. It surely did have a hurt feeling. As a soldier whose lose from war. Sometimes I think, how many children now she has? But surely, the children would be as intelligent, beautiful, and elegant as both of their parents.


pict by Evy Sofia


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