Monday, December 5, 2016

Fallin' In Love (II)


I became acquainted with the Dentistry student Wulan on my boarding house, Sendowo hutment, Yogyakarta. She came to my boarding house with her friend who would patch the holes at my teeth in the Dental Conservation Laboratory. When we met on the second time. I really felt in love at first sight. Love at the very first sight. I love the graceful demeanor and chin slightly lifted up when she was talking. Of course, I did not guess that she was a noblegirl at Kraton at that time.

"May I accompany, Wulan?", I pleaded to her when she was about to go home.

"My home is far away", she replied at that time.

"It's okay, I'd be happy to", I cried enthusiastically . How could I not? It was 'love at the very first sight', and I did not want to miss this golden opportunity.

Because I did not have any motorcycle, then I went to accompany Wulan rode the city bus line four that supposedly disturbed for the pickpockets. Our conversation during those trip could not forget by me. As we walked from the from Sendowo hutment to the front og Faculty of Dentistry campus to ride the city bus, finally revealed that Wulan had the royal title of BRAj.

"Are you not afraid to meet my parents?", Wulan asked when we walk down the aisles on Sendowo.

"Why should I fear?", I replied, "I'm a big boy .... I'm a big boy," I said furthermore. Wulan smiled and her chin slightly raised slighty up. Show off her elegant style.

Suddenly occurred to me my fad idea. I told her, "Wow, .. if I met your daddy, how if my knees dislodged, Wulan?", Then, I continued talking "I surely fear , ... I surrender", I teased her and then I turned to step back as if to return to my boarding house as well.

I have walked a few steps.But, beyond my guess, Wulan still remained calm down and continued walking forward without looking at me at all. I was so surprised by her attitude, then run after her and aughed.

When I reached on her side, Wulan said sternly to me, "Go back there!". I could only embarrassed grin and said, "Do not be so hard to me, Wulan". After that, we went back chatting and Wulan admitted that he was a BRAj of the Kraton Yogyakarta. Her home was in Lebet Beteng, the township of royal family. But it was not so clear to me about her relationship with the Sultan of Yogya.

"I also had the title in front of my name R.", I said jokingly to her.

"So my name is R. Fermy Nurhidayat".

I waited a few moments waiting for her reaction. Making jokes sometimes need the right timing. That's my experience.

"But the R is not Raden, ... but ..... Rakyat", I said with laughter. Raden is a common title for nobleman from Java, maybe as the title of Sir in England, and Rakyat is the term in Bahasa that means People.

"So my name is Rakyat Fermy Nurhidayat", I told her. And I could not help myself not to burst laughing loudly anymore.

We continued to joking along the way to get her home. There are many of my babble that made her laugh with excitements. I was very pleased when Wulan not refuse our both city bus fare. We were dropped off at the Central Post Office in Yogyakarta and crossed the North Square of Kraton heading to the township. When we reached the edge of the square my fad idea reappeared to tease her as well. Suddenly I squat on the roadside and said, "Your house is far away Wulan, .. so, I'm tired".

(to be continued)


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