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Examples of Mental Health Disorders


Mental health disorders are truly ordinary diseases. They can be treated adequatly well. With proper treatment, the sufferers even still be able to carry out productive activities. That's the most important thing for people with mental health disorders, in addition to social functions. Two things here that should keep maintenance for people with this kind of illness. In my opinion, they should try to get a social function and productive function keep running. If not able to afford it themselves, then the patients should certainly have it with the help of professionals. Ie, psychiatrists and or clinical psychologists.

Perhaps it is important to know some kind of mental health disorders that are often encountered. Knowing this and it's signs could help us to care for our surroundings or neighborhood. Maybe our neighbors, relatives, friends or even ourselves are experiencing severe mental health disorders without our awareness. The writer himself is also a severe mental health disorders sufferer. I still strive for a productive function. Let's start with the lists below.


Schizophrenia affects one percent of the world's population. About four hundred thousand population of Indonesia are estimated to have this kind of severe mental health disorder. Originally, people named this disease by Dementia Paecox, but now everyone uses the term schizophrenia to refer to this disorder. Developing countries such as Indonesia generally have a better prognosis compared with developed countries. This is because in many developing countries, we have a better social system. The bond between family members are usually quite close. Family and social systems are generally quite concerned when encountering members experiencing severe mental health disorder. They will help.

People have characterized schizophrenia by the presence of delusions, hallucinations and distractedly. And the most important is the behavior's change of the sufferers. We will discuss this issue in more detail in other article. Someone who does not quite get psychiatry or clinical psychology education should not hurry to classify others have this kind of mental health disorder. So do with herself or himself. Please consult a physician or psychologist if encountered traits of this severe mental health disorder.

Bipolar Affective Disorders

The writer himself experienced this kind of severe mental health disorder. Thankfully I already get proper treatment from medical personnel. I was lucky because in this condition, I still able to write novels. Currently, one of my novels being translated into English myself and updated little by little. Often people call this disease only with bipolar instead of Affective Bipolar Disorder. The incidence is about two per cent of the world's population. In Indonesia, we have about 0.3 to 1.5% of the population experience this illness. In the pas,t people called this type of severe mental health disorder as manic-depressive. The old name shows a marker of this disease, namely the manic and depressive conditions. That condition occurs alternately fast and mood swing of of it's sufferers is clearly visible. Especially for a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who observe.

Manic Conditions

In this condition, the sufferer will look vibrant and energetic. Often also speak excitedly with a fast tempo. Often I'm in this condition while monthly control to the psychiatrist. To overcome this problem the doctors often prescribe the type of mood stabilizer. During this time, I taking Depakote 500mg for a single day. I have it every morning. Of course, on psychiatrist's order.

Depressive Conditions

This condition is the opposite of manic condition. People with bipolar will listless, listlessness and lost their passions. In the extreme situation will be found suicidal tendency. Obviously the closest person who knows it supposed to prevent. If there are people who are on this condition, should the people around him away from pesticides, ropes, belts, or tools that are commonly used for that purpose.

Closing Statement

At this article, I just described two kind of mental health disorders. I will present other list for next posts. I want to say that having this disease is not the end of everything. We can still have social functions in communities and having productive wsorks beneficial to others. Including for people who are not experiencing this severe mental health disorders.

photograph by Nina Ulfah Gaffar

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