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Best Mental Health Disorders Tips You Will Read


Here I share best mental health disorders tips you will read. Psychiatrists said that you have a mental health disorders. Surprised ?, of course, I also experienced that sort of thing. You are not alone facing this disease. These diseases could be schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, or other diseases which including the category of severe mental heath disorder. Indeed, no one which wants to have these diseases. Moreover, severe mental health disorders like this. However, if you are suffering from a mental health disorder, would you reject it ?. What if the reality is indeed you have this severe mental health disorders ?.

Everything was fine before. You have a good status in society, even very good actually. People respect you and your contribution to the surrounding. You also have job. Perhaps, that occupation was very promising. Others seemed to be envy because it was very prestigious job and a lot of people were willing to pay any price for the job you have. Your family was also quite harmonious and very supportive of your career and contributions to the society. It was happened as doomsday to you if psychiatrists was found that you have a mental health disorder, wasn't it ?.

As a severe mental health disorders sufferer for years, I want to share about how I manage myself to survive and eventually be able to keep working. I have written three novels, two of them has been published in Indonesian. One can read here. Of course it takes time to reach the level of recovery as I have today. I'm desired to share tips with you how to survive when a psychiatrist stating that you are experiencing severe mental disorders such as happened to me.

Keep Nice Relationships with the Neighborhood/Surroundings

This is an important point. The reason is that your neighborhood/surroundings will find and detect if you relapse or recurrence obviously not desirable. Those people could be your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone who normally interact with you. If you are in conflict with them, should the conflict was managed properly. Try to listen more and demand less. For people who really care, you should more succumb.

Contact the Health Services Nearby

Severe mental health disorders are ordinary diseases and can be treated by medical personnel. Have a control or visit psychiatrist regularly. Follow his or her instructions when taking medication, do not determine it's dose yourself. Psychiatrists undergoing a serious long education process to achieve such competence. If you start recovering from this mental health disorder illnes and want to reduce medicine's dosage, consult your physician first.

Conducting Exciting Positive Activities

No need to do something that's difficult to reach, just writes on a diary been included in this category. Or starting to breed canaries or lovebirds, if you are a birds lover. Or maybe blogging as well. Perhaps you do not think that your passion will make money in the future. As little as whatever the outcome, remains to be grateful. Perhaps you will get an additional income if your skills increasing over the time.

Rewarding Life that God's Awarded

Indeed, life is so worthy to respect. Perhaps, you don't aware that you mean a lot to others, minimal to you yourself. Appreciate the life you have. There are so many out there who dare to die, but in fact they were afraid to live. Do not follow or imitate their attitude.

Accepting Ourselves As Mental Heath Disorders Sufferers

Whatever is our condition, remain to accept yourself. Including them is accept whether we experienced this severe mental health disorder. It's not easy, I know, but of course we should do it. This self-acceptance process could take years. It is important for people with severe mental health disorders like us, so that we keep doing something for living and take part in society. The effect of this self-acceptance is, we feel the fullness of life and comfortable with ourselves. Even if we are suffering mental health disorder illness

Perhaps, the five things above are enough to share here. I don't dare to give you something not being practiced in private life. Perhaps, five tips above are enough to make our lives as people with severe mental health disorder have sufficient qualities. As I revealed, no one wants to be a mental disorders sufferers. However, if we become one of them, we should continue to live, aren't we ?.


pict by Fermy Nurhidayat

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  1. You certainly know how to be a good friend! Sometimes our friends just need a listening ear and not advice. Praying for our girlfriends is so important too and I need to do more of it! Thanks for the movaittion!!!!


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