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A Little Things About Schools


School is one of the little things that make up a person's personality. Surely, it would be very different between people who are not well educated with person who've had done with it. It could be looked from the patterns of thought, patterns of attitude and behavior. It is true that schools are not the only things that make up a person's personality, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Quraish Shihab, MA., In one of his lectures in one of the private television station has said, that there are three things that affect a person's personality, which first is the parents, the second is the environment, and the third one is reading. Maybe the school is included in the second factor, namely the environment, as according by Prof. Quraysh.

Students, or a who which is highly trained to read English, even romance novels they have read written in it, would have very different way of thinking, and of course follow the pattern of behavior, with the students or female students at the Islamic boarding schools which are highly trained to read and studied the book written in Arabic. Maybe, the first students will be much more westernized. It was only as an illustration.

Indeed, there remains criticism of the school culture. Highly critical study conducted by Ivan Iliyich in his book “Deschooling Society”. For Iliyich, the school does not bind and makes a person creative. May it be true, there are problems in the world .. our education.

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence originator idea, in the decade of nineties, once wrote in a book of the same title that the problems in education in the United States are too many college and the lack of kindergarten. Of course the intention is a less learners have the opportunity to re-explore the sides of humanities and more they are trained in the logical, analytical, and verbal arithmetic. Instead of earlier aspects, which are included in the points Intelligence Quotient, is not important, but the sides of emotional intelligence are included in the soft skills are actually much more influence on a person's success in life.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

An illustration I most remember to show the importance of Emotional Intelligence is research that be done by a college in the United States. A group of kindergarten children visited by the researchers. They were given a grain of marshmallows, or soft candy, which became a favorite for children in the there, and was given an offer. The child must eat the marshmallow right then and there and go, but if they wait until the time defined by the researchers, they will get a grain of marshmallows again. Many children who can not stand the temptation of immediately consuming the soft candy, then go. But some are waiting to be obedient to obtain a grain again. There are ways they wait to fill the boredom. Some are playing with friends, sitting there while wiggle feet and some are trying to sleep. Finally, the wait time is up and a strong restraint's children were rewarded grain of marshmallows again. The kids were excited and they went after other friends. The children were then called by the researcher as Marshmallow's children.

Marshmallow children were then be followed on their progress by researchers. Fifteen years later they see their developments. Proven in this research that the children who were able to resist temptation would much more successful than the children who can not resist the urge to eat the marshmallow immediately given.

From the results of this study and a series of other studies that have been conducted in various universities in the United States, proved that emotional intelligence on all of it's aspects will influents two times greater effect in determining the success of a child than the intelligence quotient.

Unfortunately, aspects of emotional intelligence was less so touched in the education system in America, so still according to Daniel Goleman. How in Indonesia? Obviously I do not know because I am not an expert education in Indonesia and just observing the education system here in passing. Sometimes occurred also desire to do research on this subject in Indonesia. But my background knowledge about the Science of Psychology, Educational Psychology especially moreover, is less than adequate. After all what is the need in my practical life everyday?. I'm just a chicken farmer and village manila duck in this Kamulan Village.

Importance of Schools

For me personally, for whatever reason, the school is still important. I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to attend school up to the level of higher education. I graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. For me, academic and non-academic life on the campus of is very valuable and is not replaced by other. Experience in had studying there have been opened up an entirely new thinking, ... and may be much different if I went to other place.

As an illustration, I'll tell you a little bit. I am very fond of learning English and sometimes chatting Americans or Europeans who happen often found on our campus in Yogyakarta. On one occasion I had the opportunity to chat with a Canadian student. He studied at a college in Montreal, Canada. The beautifully of the girl is certainly still imagined until now, but that's not what I want to tell the readers.

We chatted in English, and she restored some of my pronunciation. Many times she had trained me to say “thanks” and “think” up ears feel satisfied. Not only that I'd got from her, in a chance conversation, I finally also know that Canada, even though the British Commonwealth but is actually heavily influenced by French culture. In fact there are some places that are commonly used Francaise as everyday language rather than English.

When I recalled that I was a student of Mechanical Engineering at UGM, he suddenly laughed. He recalled that at the University of Montreal, where she was learning, students of Mechanical Engineering is the most annoying types of creatures there. They feel most great, .. she said .... and most liked to jerk on freshmen and sophomores from other disciplines. The average college longest, said Janet. Their behavior was strange that so well known throughout the campus. She said, that there were people which daily activities were planting trees aroun campus area. There are still many other things that Janet told me about th student of Mechanical Engineering at the Montral University , but I was already forgotten. Are clearly remembered by me is they call themselves as the Mechy, .. probably stands for Mechanical Engineering..what else?

And what about the students of Mechanical Engineering at GMU own? As far as they are all nice ... there was not weird like Mechy at Montreal University as Janet told me many years ago. Now the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering is turned into the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, and lectures are most in demand by students of Mechanical Engineering was Having Lecture Together with Industrial Engineering Female Students. That was then, .. do not know about now. I also miss my campus ... a lot of romance that I've had there .... and ... oh Janet, .... I miss you ... did you miss me?


pict by Astungkara Wiguna

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