Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Renewable Energy


Energy is a crucial problem in recent years, including in Indonesia. It is clear that fossil fuel supplies will be exhausted. Since a long time ago, we actually started an effort to make renewable energy as an alternative energy. Renewable energy is relatively clean and are therefore environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it is precisely developing countries such as Indonesia still seem less keen to develop this type of energy.

Indeed, develop renewable energy is very important. In addition to fossil fuel supplies are thinning,the charge of technology in building this kind of energy devices is very attractive. Developing countries such as Indonesia, may still struggling in matters of politics and economics so they seem less attention to these kinds of energy. Some alternative energy that can be developed as a renewable energy are among others.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, abbreviated as OTEC has long been observed as an alternative energy. This system utilizes the temperature difference between the sea surface with layer of sea water deeper. Indonesia is a tropical country, so it should have high temperature of the sea surface. Should have the possibility of utilization of this energy continues to be developed in Indonesia.


Biogas is gas produced from the decay of animal and human feces. Forming primarily methane gas. In a limited scale utilization of biogas has been implemented in Indonesia. This is especially utilization for domestic purposes such as cooking. Undertake research to utilize biogas for the purpose in a larger scale. For example is it possible to make biogas as a small power plant ?.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy utilize the energy of sunlight as an energy source. In Indonesia, the utilization of this energy is still quite expensive. We also need to examine whether the high cost of these devices as business games only or because of other problems. People often pointed out that the high cost of the device is due to the battery using the rare material, that is very expensive. Is that right ?. Can we make a regulation to suppress the price of these batteries ?.

A friend of mine had visited Colombia. In Colombo he witnessed panels of solar energy are widely available on the roofs of houses. Even people who are not rich enough. Why Indonesia can not intensively utilize solar energy as Colombia?. Indonesia and Colombia are equally tropical countries, aren't them?.

As all countries in the world, Indonesia is also a huge consuming energy country. Increasing population also increases the energy needs per year. Taking into account that fossil fuel will be increasingly scarce, the use of renewable energy is supposed to be a necessity. It is not only the duty of the government, but also to be a chore for us all.


(Picture by Emile Seno Aji)

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  1. The United States currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are


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