Sunday, January 31, 2016

There're Still Humanity In Indonesia


I got a link on Facebook from a friend of mine. This link was interesting because it showed that there are servants of the law in Indonesia that still cling to his conscience when deciding the case in court. Yes, he was a judge. His name is Judge Marzuki. Unfortunately I only pay attention to the story at the link on the face so that I forgot where and when this event occurred.

An elderly woman from starvation stole a few sticks of cassava to eat her and his grandchildren. They had been a couple of days without eating and of course hunger. These cassava belonged to a large cassava planters in Indonesia. After the elderly grandmother was caught by security estates, the grandmother then reported to the police and the case was brought to court.

Judge Marzuki was not able to hold his tears when he judge it. He apologized to the grandmother and stated that he could not make an exception. What indicted by the public prosecutor was proven in court. Judge Marzuki sentenced to pay a fine of one million rupiahs for the grandmother or replaced by confinement for two and a half years. After that, he removed his judge's hat and put the money of one million in the cap.

Judge Marzuki also specify additional fines to all those presents at the hearing for fifty thousand rupiahs per person for allowing a family to starve in their city. Finally collected the sum of three million five hundred thousand rupiahs in a judge's hat. All the money was given to the grandmother. Including paying additional fines was the planter. How embarrassed he was.


Photograph by Denies Prihantinah

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