Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jakarta's Terrorist Attact 2016

Again Jakarta rocked by terror bombing on the 14 January. This was like the beginning of a new year greeting by terrorists to the people of Indonesia. Terror bombings and gunfire attacks occurred in Sarinah intersection in Jakarta and Starbuck's coffee outlets which were adjacent to it. At first, people did not think that it was a terrorist attack. They mostly assume that there was something like filming a movie on it. When it became clear to them that it was a terrorist attack, they would not shy away from the scene, but instead make the crowd to watch the event.

ISIS whose based in Syria claimed responsibility for attacks in Jakarta. They stated that "The Khalifah's Soldiers" carried out the attack in Jakarta. This attack was carried out at a police station at the scene. President Jokowi himself, after the location of the terrorist attacks sterilized conduct inspections to ensure that the situation has completely overcome by security forces. Carrying four people in civilian casualties and four terrorists who died at the scene.

Head of Jakarta Raya Metro Police, Inspector General Police Tito Karnavian ensure that mastermaind of a terror attack is a member ISIS named Bahrun Naim. Bahrun Naim was arrested by Detachment 88, the anti-terror detachment of the Police Mobile Brigade, setidaktidaknya once in 2010 on charges of terrorism in Indonesia. At that time, the media who claim to voice the interests of Islam as defended Bahrun Naim and attempted to obscure the fact of the perpetrator.

This attack makes the sense of community solidarity against the dangerous of terrorism be strengthened. Netizens also discussed this issue on social media. They were aware that the goal of terrorists was to create fear in the community, therefore they want to give a keen signal to the terrorists that the Indonesian were not afraid. Terrorism can not be associated with any religion because the purpose of terrorism was against humanity that taught by religion.

After this event occurs, some of the handsome policeman who participated in acts of terror in the intersection discomfiture Sarinah became very famous. They became famous because of social media as a means of communication by netizens. One of them was Police Commissioner Krishna Murti. His current status on facebook always awaited by fans, mostly mothers and females.

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