Tuesday, October 20, 2015

World Mental Heath Day

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Last September I became a speaker in a talk show. The talk show was held in commemoration of World Mental Health Day which falls on October 10. At that time we stole started to commemorate in the previous month. In a talk show, the committee played a documentary film about the struggle of a people with schizophrenia ranging from the most severe condition to be recovered.

Figure in the show is Mr. Bambang Rudjito. He made the main character in the documentary we saw that morning. I was a speaker comparison. As I have expressed openly in this blog, I was bipolar patients.

The situation became so emothically when we both patients and others speakers were appearing in talk show. Talk show was guided by a doctor who served in the Mental Hospital dr. Suroyo. Unfortunately, VigRx Plus I’ve forgotten who the female doctor’s name. The emothically atmosphere talk show occured when the Q & A session. Alternately me and Mr. Bambang Rujito answered questions of participants.

In addition, the talk show’s speakers that was not the patient also responded in a more technical way. They are researchers, doctors and mental health activists in Indonesia. The event took place successfully. The participants clearly gaining new knowledge about mental health. Similarly we, me and Mr. Bambang Rujito.

There is one thing in common between Mr. Bambang Rujito and me in how to deal with this severe mental disorder. The way it is to accept it with an open heart. It turned out the way was quite effective. So, if you have relatives or friends who suffer from mental health, try to advise them so they can accept it with an open heart. Surely in a way to advise to be as wise as possible.

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photograph by Astungkara Wiguna


  1. Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inceoerhnt. Not this!

  2. I couldn't made it better Joeie, I'm sorry :) :)


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