Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have Qunut

Kyai Suryono's voice sounded hoarse in the dawn silence. Congregation praying takes place quickly. In second raka'at that my cousin in law was reading qunut. I had qunut praying also together with all present in the dim lights of the mosque that holds us together.

Actually I was not accustomed to have qunut when dawn praying. But I respect people who do. In the past, the early days I lived in this mosque, I usually keep lowering my arm and did not join to have qunut. But then, I had a thought about this issue. Though, I still do not do qunut when praying alone in the morning prayer.

People who have qunut when Fajr praying usually base their premise on a deed Sayyidina Uthman RA who do. At the end of his reign, was Uthman faced very severe political problems.

As one of the companions of the Prophet who received education directly from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, how could he may dare to do something that if in his judgment it would be prohibited by the lord, Prophet Muhammad PBUH ?. Science ushul fiqh and fiqh which was then circulated afterwards obviously bases itself on the actions of righteous people earlier.

Sayyidina Uthman bin Affan RA was one of those who said the Prophet Muhammad as one of the ten companions who are guaranteed to go to heaven. My mind said that it is impossible Uthman going to do something forbidden by the Prophet. Then, why do I insist to blame people who obviously emulate Uthman ?.

That's why I joined to have qunut, if it becomes a congregation of imam who have qunut at dawn praying, and will not have qunut if I follow the imam who was not performing. I myself, as I was telling you, tends to not have qunut in the dawn praying.

(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)

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  1. We deeiintfly need more smart people like you around.


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