Saturday, April 11, 2015

Overtrained On Excercise


Exercise is healthy. Proven that people who exercise regularly have better fitness. In addition, the disease is rarely encounter them. But when you exercise in excessive portion, then the expected healthy body condition instead will stay away. Excessive exercise is bad. This condition is called overtraining.

Often, because of the success in losing weight a bit, we become obsessed with exercise. This condition will be exacerbated if the condition of overtraining is coupled with a strict diet because we wanted to lose weight excessively. It maybe obtained in people with overweight. The most important thing is not to become obssesed of excercise for us. Good sport is a sport that are carried out with a sufficient portion. Sports servings depending on the age and condition of the body. Do not force yourself to exercise if we are not in well condition.

Warming Up And Cooling Down.

Do not forget in every time exercises to do a considerable warming up and cooling down. For those who do not customed to exercise, warming up should be done for fifteen to twenty minutes. Similarly with cooling down. For those who are customed to exercise, the warming up and cooling down are done five to ten minutes. Warming up needs to be done so that our bodies are ready to do escercise. The lungs and heart are also prepared to do the exercises.

Exercise Duration

We need to do exercises in sufficient duration and not excessive. In one exercise session should we exercise for twenty to sixty minutes. When you get to breathless and difficult to talk, it means that you have excessive exercise. Immediately stop your activities and perform cooling. Do exercise as much as three to four times a week. That portion are enough for us.

Muscle Injury

One of the things that need to be avoided on exercises is muscle injury. These injuries coldn happen if we are wrong in doing movement or excessive in the exercise. We need to give time for aching muscles to recover. Result of substances oxidation in muscle should get time to be redistributed and neutralized properly.

Do Not Forcing Yourself

If you're not in well condition, do not force yourself to exercise. Similarly, do not feel guilty if you do not exercise every day. Away with the thought that a beautiful and healthy body is a body exercise in every opportunity. If you force yourself to exercise, the greater the possibility for injury.

Do Not Become Obsession

As already stated in the introduction above, do not let this sport became an obsession for us. If we force ourselves to exercise even if we are sick, or make exercise a priority of our activity compared to other activities such as work or socialized with friends, then maybe you've been obsessed with the excercise. Remember, we are not a sportsman. Athlete does for a living with exercise. Their bodies have been trained for years since childhood in becoming athletes. We differ with them.

That are a little bit of things that need to be considered when exercising. Of course there are many other issues that need our attention. Hopefully in another article we can discuss it in more detail.


photograph by Denies Prihantinah Senopranoto

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