Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Indonesian Democracy Disruption


Indonesia is a country that is still fighting for the establishment of democracy. It must be recognized that democracy is expensive. However it remains to be done because it reflects the participation of civil society in managing the country. State left by the state of its citizens not truly state preformance sense.

At the end of 2014 which then came a discourse that wants to restore the direct system to indirect election system as Suharto era. Strong opposition came from the middle class and intellectuals. Furthermore the House of Representatives make the planning bill on this issue and there was tremendous debate in the community.

Student Struggle

The establishment of democracy in Indonesia was being strugled so long and is actually a product of the student struggle for democracy in Indonesia since the eighties. Desire is actually realized when ninety-eight-year students took to the streets chanting the enforcement of democracy in Indonesia.

Many factors make it a successful struggle. Among them was the fact that President Suharto was quite elderly, but still desperate to want to remain as president. This is the student's laughingstock. In addition, the condition also support the students' struggle. Thus the financial crisis has occurred. The impact is felt by the community at large. They support the changes brought by the students.

Current Parliament Profile

After Jokowi's victory in the presidential election, the idea to re-organize the indirect election system was addressed by the House of Representatives, in this bill will no longer be the Head of the Region elected directly by the people, but elected by parliament. Faction that supports indirect election is Golkar Party, Gerindra Party faction of the Democratic Party, PPP and PAN.

Their reason was because of the high cost and money politics. Who do not agree with their claim that democracy is indeed demanding high fees and money politics can be overcome by law enforcement. If need be the cheating candidate can be disqualicated . Parliament members elected for 2014-2015 period with elected by open proportional election results that they rely more on money and popularity of the person in becoming a member of Parliament, not because of capacity and capability, but rather the extent that they have money, popular or close to the party elite.

In such conditions, it is obviously difficult for them to choose qualified candidates for the head region and indeed the people want. Smell that the old players in the Indonesian government wants to hold their power back.

Apparently President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono played beautiful in the end of his reign, he published Perppu No. 1 2014 which provides for the election to go ahead directly. This is in accordance with the will of ordinary people who want a democratic system is maintained in Indonesia.

This rule is then amplified by President Jokowi with the House of Representative endorsed Law no. 2 2015 on direct elections, so that people no longer need to fret if the democratic system in the country changed


photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

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