Friday, April 3, 2015

Healthy Overtime


Are you a blogger as a writer? Or are you working with the night shift at a factory? Or perhaps you are a night job security? Or students who are preparing for the exam in the near future? Or are much load in your office that requires you to work overtime? In this article the author would like to share about maintaining health and fitness if you often work overtime.

Under conditions of working overtime (nine to five) usually body looking pretty much carbohydrate intake. Because that's the sweet foods often look so tempting when we're overtime. Sweet coffee often accompany workers in the evening to boost their morale. Similarly, fast food. Though usually fast food high in sugar and high salt with a little fiber. Surely this is not healthy for our digestion.

Health problems can arise if you do not pay attention to proper food intake while working overtime. The problem could be due to constipation or dehydration because we often accompanies coffee when working overtime actually causes the body needs more fluids. Dehydration can make us lethargic and listless, but work still accumulate. The following will be presented the things we need to consider as night workers.

Plenty of Drinking Water

At night, as not being nocturnal or are accustomed to indulge at night, then our body's metabolism becomes slower. We become lazy to just take the water to drink. Though it is very necessary to prevent dehydration. When we are thirsty, instead we took a glass of water but we actually took a snack. It makes hunger and thirst mechanism becomes chaotic.

Eat Fibrous Food

When overtime, try to eat high-fiber foods such as gelatin and fruit. It's for our digestive health. Not to consume excessive amounts of caffeine because it will lead to high stomach acid. In the long term high stomach acid can cause your stomach have ulcers.

Lightweight Sport.

Should we keep exercising regularly. It seems cliché but it is very good that our systems will run well. No need heavy exercise. Enough if we take a walk around the office or residence complexes us if jogging is considered quite heavy. Spend fifteen minutes of your time a day for lightweight sports activities. Undoubtedly we will stay healthy.

Regulars Eating

Never forget to eat regularly. No need in large portions, but sufficient and regular. Thus gastric acid secreted by the stomach we will be beneficial to digest food. Instead of digesting our own stomach muscles.

Get Enough Sleep

It is impossible to talk about quality sleep when we work at night. Quality sleep actually occurred at nine pm until about four in the morning. That's when our body can achieve perfect sleeping conditions that are beneficial to our health. If we can not reach it still try to sleep enough. However, our bodies need rest.

Those are sevelal things we need to consider if we are often late or indeed a night worker. Obviously this paper is not a final paper. Many other things we need to consider to keep our bodies in health despite a lot of overtime. Here I just took to think that keeping the health condition is still very important in overtime.


(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)

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