Saturday, April 11, 2015

Being Expatriate


Working abroad as an expatriate is not something impossible for workers in Indonesia today. Especially if you have sufficient skill and education. If it happens to you, then when you return, your worth in job market will increase. Here are presented a little things to be consider when you are willing to work in foreign countries as an expatriate.

Support Of People Nearby

Supporst from the people around you are something important. Watch and listen to the positive support of people who has respect on you and really want to see progress on your career. Not all of our friends wanted the best for us. Consider the best for that opinion and filter in accordance with the desire to your achievements.

New Environment

Another thing you need to consider as an expatriate is a completely new environment. You will get new friends. New working environment. Even the work culture entirely new. It certainly you have prepared, especially mentally. In addition, you need to consider how you manage day-to-day needs and mothly needs there, like paying electricity bills, telephone and other bills.

Get Overview About Working Abroad

You can get an idea of working abroad from friends or relatives who are already working there. Establish communication with them to get a more comprehensive picture. You need to consider not only the working atmosphere there, but also the atmosphere of life in general.

Prepare Documents Required

If you're determined and decide to work abroad, then prepare the necessary documents for it. Obviously you need a passport and work or job visa. You can get around to administer it by your own or ask for help to service agency that has been doing help to prepare for this purpose.

If you are physically and mentally ready, have a good health, just say goodbye to friends and relatives here. Ask them to pray for your success there. Working abroad does have different demands. Not only are the demands of your work ability but also the work and general environment and so different government rules.


photograph by Denies Prihantinah Senopranoto

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