Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fallin' In Love (I)

My friend, a physician called Rahadi Widodo, a pulmonary specialist candidate, ask about my last writing which has given a title like the title on this website, Falling in Love. Similarly, a character in that story. So did my past first love who now lives in Nachtegaalan, Maasluis City, Netherlands. Oktavi Laily Irawati aka Ira. They are curious about the story continued. Ira even asked me whether was it a continuing story?

Indeed, I have another story when had been studying at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Of course, it was an actual love story. I think that nobody would be harmed if I tell here in this writing. At first, I thought, perhaps the girl that concerned would be offended when I tell this story. But then, I think again, and I have decided to tell it as well. As memories of the beautiful time when I was in Yogyakarta as a student. A nostalgia about the past time. After all, she had been now already married, and live in harmony and happiness with her beloved husband and their three daughters that I guess as beautiful as her mother. Surely, I do not know if there are might already four of the children now.

Moreover, her husband should be definitely, consciously or not, realized that his beloved wife was the belle of our great campus. He should be understood that once upon a time in the college, his wife as a single and available girl had had many admirer whose had crush on her as well, including myself. He should be grateful that he was the winner in this robust competition.

The love story had begun when I was attending the PIR, or Pesantren Itikaf Ramadan which held in Pesantren Budi Mulia that located in Banteng, Yogyakarta. Usually those who invited were the student activists. They come from all over Indonesia as well. I signed up as a personal participant, because I was an not activist of any organization. Indeed, I'd become a Section Chairman of the Education Department at Student and Youth of Al Irshad al-Islamiyya on Malang Branch, when I was in senior high school on Malang City. But it happened to me that I had not proceed my organization career furthermore during my study at Gadjah Mada University.

While Ratna, the belle of the campus, is a representative of the Jamaah Shalahuddin, a propaganda agency where propaganda and organizational activists at the University of Gadjah Mada have been doing their activities. Jamaah Shalahuddin, or fellow students often prefer to abbreviate with JS, has shaded by the Student Activity Unit, University of Gadjah Mada. They used to manage their activities in the Student Center. But now, they moved to UGM Campus Mosque, after UGM Campus Mosque has successfully established as well. Our campus mosque was so magnificent and beautiful, if you do not trust me, please come there.

In this PIR event at that time, we were divided into several groups. Each group as I recall, consisted of six or eight participants. Each group also had consisted of the males and females. So, we were not been separated between males and females. Of course it had been done when we were doing group discussions. In contrast to the tendency of most other propaganda institutions which more popular in Yogyakarta.

They tend to separate between male and female students on all the events and activities of any kind. But the barracks where we were sleeping, and our bathroom is of course been separated. When we were attending the course, the male students were on the front row while the female students in the back row. We were only separated within approximately two meters long, and between us were not separated by a curtain. The course had conducted in Abu Bakr Asshiddiq Mosque while the group discussions conducted on the courtyard of the mosque, guided by boarding school students and female students of the University of Friday Night.

University of Friday Night was an event led by Ustadz KH Suprapto Ibn Juraimi every Thursday night. On that occasions the female students had got lessons from the late Ustadz Suprapto Ibn Juraimi. It was not clear to me now how the state of the University of Friday Night after Ustadz Prapto, as usually we had been calling him, had passed away years ago. I was always impressed by Ustadz Prapto himself because he often asked me to have to praying calling or adzan every prayer time had come. God please bless Ustadz Prapto. Amin Yaa Mujiibas Sailiin.

In one of the group discussion, it had happened to us that my group was opposite to the Ratna's group in advance. First, I watched her inadvertently . I was impressed by her shining and beautiful eyes. Never have I met such beautiful eyes as hers. Finally, in the next group discussions I did so love to stole a glance at her, fortunately I had had accidentally noticed by others.

(to be continued)

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