Monday, September 8, 2014

The Story of My "Fried Bread UGM"

Often I was stunned and frequently told my mother about the "theft of marks" that I had experienced when I was a student of Mechanical Engineering. My mother always claimed that it was a rotten stuff that does not need to be remembered. In one case, my mother was telling the truth, .. it's been a long time problem, and there is no point to be remembered again. But the felt of resentment and cheated makes me sick until now. And have not yet found a cure. Therefore I want to share here, maybe make me feel lighter load.

Usually, I attended my classes with a very serious way and generally learning it furiously. Similarly, when I took Energy Conversion Engineering Course. Incidentally, I was interested in this field. It had been ome the time of examination. The problem is very simple, we just asked to calculate the Coefficient of Performance and the Power produced by a steam power plant, or vapor power plant, using the Rankine Cycle. It is surely not a hard question for me because I was used to calculate using the Rankine cycle, Even though the Rankine cycle that has been modified with severals Turbines instead of only one Turbine.

The problem that Mr. Sugiarto Ps had given was only requires a simply understanding of Rankine Cycle. It was a Simple Rankine Cycle. So it's supposed to be easy. To calculate the enthalpy at every given state we had provided with a Mollier's diagram. In practice, it is not that simple because the Mollier's diagram that given to us had not including in the enthalpy and entropy at the state of saturated water and saturated vapor at the given problem. Obviously, this is because the Mollier's diagram had been taken from the book that had probably already out of date. If the Mollier's diagram we had was more perfect as I saw when I'm googling just now (can not be displayed, there are original copyright) of course I could do it with ease

I do not know what I finally wrote in my answer paper because the properties at the two state was not able to be seen on the Mollier's diagram given by Mr. Sugiarto Ps. When the mark of the test was announced I get the mark of C, .. I was not satisfied and intend to protest at Mr Sugiarto Ps. When I had made a discussion with my friends ,they apparently did not understand the problem conceptually. So I was so confused about what they were doing during the exam before, ..?

In short, I met Mr. Sugiarto Ps in the lecturer's room and we were arguing hardly. My argument was clear, .. the problem could not be done with Mollier's diagram given Mr. Sugiarto Ps during the exam. Finally Mr. Giek can accept my argument though his manner was not well, and promised to look back at my test scores.

I on purpose let Mr. Sugiarto and not charge his promise to re-examine my exam paper. That turned out to be left C without change. Obviously he has misconcept, and my classmates did not realize it.

What had happened at the lecturer's room was certainly heard by another lecturers and I got an unpleasant accusations as "too theoretical" and "textbook thinking '. So, I answered the lecturer who said that, "It is reasonable Sir, .. I was a student, .. do not yet know the practical problems on the field, .. I get the knowledge from textbooks, .. I guess it's natural that the student had been textbook thinking because we have been learning it from a textbook, .. suppose I wander into Sarkem not have been learning from my textbooks, what kind of knowledge will I have, ...? For your information, Sarkem is a cheap prostitution place on Yogyakarta.

Furthermore, I felt that I had had learned in vain. I did feel there are a lot of courses that should be able to get good grades but always given a poor grade. The indication exists, ... and it was obvious in this case of Energy Conversion Engineering Course, the ... It was definitely my grade was robbed.

So, I got a long lecturing periods with formal poor performance index. The result is clear, .... the company is still seeing high formal GPA for their jobs, ... and I can not compete with the other candidates with the formal high GPA. Poor me.

Because of the difficulty finding a job due to a low GPA, I eventually had tried entrepreneurship at home. I had ever been selling fried bread on my patio home. When morning came, I was shopping for the ingredients to make fried bread. Then made the knead and fried the bread. Usually at late of the morning, activities had been completed.

The snack that I had said then had been put on the front porch. I was so upset for being the best and largest university'in Indonesia's alumni, furthermore, Mechanical Engineering as well, but still have a trouble getting a job, so I put a cardboard which I'd written "Fried Bread UGM".

Neighbors in passing in front of the house usually smiled themselves. But they did not buy. Even though, according to my mother the knead was enough well and the bread tasted good. And he price was quite cheap as well you know. Five hundred rupiahs for one. Finally, my “business” went bankrupt two months after.

When evening had come and "Fried Bread UGM" did not run out, my mother always bought "Fried Bread UGM" until no trace and told me to take a bath. It's a pity for my mother if it run constantly. Eventually, I stopped producing and selling "Fried Bread UGM" it. Auld Lang S

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