Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Beauty of Keroncong Music

Right now I'm sitting in a cafe. This cafe is beautifying themselves. Some parts repainted. There are two workers who are busy working. They work while listening to music from a record player. Incidentally they were enjoying the  keroncong music. As I'm sitting them nearby, I also could enjoy the beauty of keroncong music as well.

Keroncong touted as the native Indonesian music as music dangdut. If dangdut music known as Hindustan musical influences, then I do not know actually affecting keroncong music. What is clear in Kampung Tugu Jakarta, this music has become the music played by almost all the residents there. The majority of the villagers monument is a breed of Portuguese immigrants. But it is not clear to me whether keroncong music is heavily influenced by the Portuguese original music.  

Keroncong music lilting rhythm that seems to be heavily influenced by the style of Javanese music. Catchy rhythm. I like to hear it, especially when the vocalist is a woman. Perhaps it happened because I was a man. That makes keroncong music so distinctive is probably due to the clang ukulele. Perhaps it comes from the Portuguese ukulele, I do not know. The bent of violin's sound where is sometimes heard is also a hallmark of this beautiful music.

When I was a student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Gadjah Mada, I incorporated into one of the singers in the band Kroncong And Campursari Faculty of Engineering. Campursari is typical of Indonesian music that developed in the modern era. The combined instrument of Javanese traditional musical instruments with modern instruments. I joined there as a singer.

Now I miss so to sing keroncong songs. Hopefully on a future occasion I had the opportunity to sing  keroncong songs again.


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