Saturday, September 27, 2014

Role as Working or Household Wife?

Often the women are faced with two choices when they get married. Are they going to continue to pursue a career as a worker or simply live a domestic career as a housewife. Sometimes the choice becomes very difficult for a woman, but sometimes also very simple and plain. Unpleasant thing is when women had no choice because the surrounding conditions. Should they having a role of working mom or household wife?

Some people consider that it is not the ultimate goal to the wife works to make money, but to expand their level of interaction and insight. In addition, there also opinion that the woman should do housewife at home because of their responsibilities of a wife is just give birth and breastfeeding. Let the affairs to earn money for living be the duty of husbands. This is evident in past pattern of the family, where a mother and wife fully serve as a housewife. And proven to educate their children well. It is said that, in Japan, the mothers and wives go to universities to educate their children to their success.

Whatever choice made ​​by a woman, she should still consider the interests of their children. Especially the elder son who has most elder age, ie the husband, because husbands are in fact a common child as well.

Many women enjoys her role as a mother and housewife. So, they have enough time to pay attention and keep an eye on their children. They are grateful because when they pregnant and give breastfeeding, they have enough time to rest. In addition, the activities with their children giving happiness that can not be replaced by anything. Moreover, if these women are reluctant to assign responsibility to care of their children to the household assistant. In becoming a housewife, they can accompany their children to go to an exhibition or learning something fun with their children.

But there are also women who prefer to work because in that way they are able to actualize themselves better. They feel miserable if been being an ordinary housewife. Some women prefer to work because since childhood have been taught to be independent and working. There are reasons for some working women still need to has an occupation since her responsibilities to his own family. They bear the nieces or nephews or sister and brother school cost. Shortly, they are the backbone of their family.

Any choice made ​​by women, the focus should still on the children. Similarly the focus of the husbands. The option chosen should be done with responsibilities.


(Based on Rahmi Khamsita's thread on kampung-UGM Group)

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