Monday, September 8, 2014

Fear To Go To My Campus

This morning I went to my campus. I take care of making an account at BRI. One of the biggest Bank in my country. BRI or Bank Rakyat Indonesia was established since 1805 in the Dutch East Indies. It's first name was De Javache Bank. I've made the most of low-cost accounts, or deposits. It is Simpedes or Rural Communities Savings. The reason is, because my money is only enough to set up this kind of account.

When I was in my campus, I had thought to visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I remember that I had had promised my friend, Mrs. Dyna Andriani about teaching of PLC in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. As an alumni of this department at the University of Gadjah Mada, I would have access to ask about my friend's curiosity.

I had postponed my intention to visit the Mechanical Engineering because of fearing. Actually quite a childish fears. There's no reason at all to my anxiety because I'd already know most of the lecturers there. Moreover, I have already familiar with Mr. Subagio, former Chairman of the Department there. Sure it is easy for me to ask about Mrs. Dyna Andriani curiosity.

Why do I feel worried, ...? The problem was, I'd been told in my blog about my problems when I was still a student before, I'd been arguing with one of the lecturers there about the exam which I think was not feasible. Mollier diagram given during the test can not provide the information needed to answer.

Now, as I write this worries I have my feeling better. It's true what my book had told that we should write our worries on a piece of paper. By writing, the left hemisphere will analyze this issues rationally. And there is no rational basis to fear on coming to my department tomorrow.

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